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about the site 

this is a photo gallery site, plain and simple.
you are here for one or more of the following reasons.

1. i've begged you to look.
2. you are pictured on the site and and you want to make sure that you don't look "chinny".
3. you need a photo of yourself for online dating. (hint: use "save as.")
4. you need a photo of your child to send to his/her grandparents. (see hint above.)


q: how can I reach you to let you know that your photos are nice?
a: send email to

q: do you use a digital camera?
a: i obtained a digital slr camera late last year. it is groovy. The photos on the site are a mixture of scanned film and digital. all new photos are digital

q: is the site almost finished?
a: no. i have much more to do.

q: how is this site different from the last site?
a: the new site is built with Gallery software by Menalto. it is a web based php software that eliminates many of the problems i had with my frontpage site.

q: did you do this yourself?
a: not really, i received technical assistance from the lovely and talented Andrew Willett.

q: I don't understand. how does the gallery work?
a: the navigation is located in the upper right corner. choose the album you want to view and click the thumbnail to see a larger image.

q: why do use only lower case? isn't that a little pretentious?
a: maybe, I don't care, I am arty. (also - I've become a little lazy and dropped this convention here and there)

q: why don't some of the photos have titles
a: it means surroundings, among other things. again, i am arty.

you may proceed.